Body Tattoos

Tradition of wearing tattoo goes long way back in to the history. Traditionally the tattoo was used to be permanent however these days temporary tattoo are hot from the fashion perspective. Bombay jewellers along with offering jewellery have diversified their product base to include non jewellery items for their valuable customers. Tattoo collections is full of colours, designs and variety and could be applied anywhere on the body. Best thing about the tattoo is that whenever they are out of fashion or you start losing your interest you can peel them off your skin very easily. Tattoo gallery of Bombay jewellers is full of various designs for you to wear on any occasions both formal and casual. You also can choose the tattoo as per your clothing. Different Tattoo types are available in all the sizes and you can choose as per your age group. Prices like always are very competitive at Bombay jewellers and you can find amazing introductory offers on tattoo of your choice. We advise you to buy more and more tattoo to go with any of your dresses and considering the future parties and occasions
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