bridal jhumar

As part of the wedding Jewelry, many brides choose a lovely Bridal Jhumar that is worn to the front or side of the forehead and attaches to a hook in the top of the hair, and fans out over the hair with hooks along the side.  The Bombay Jewelry has some amazing and beautifully intricate designs that are not only in the more traditional reds and maroons, but are also in assorted fuchsia, pinks greens, and white.  Some of these styles are multi-tiered styles that have a lovely intricate heart designed with red stones and pearls, while others are in a more circular pattern with the red, green and white stones.  Other styles are available with a square or rectangular central pattern with the beautiful colored stones, gold, and pearls forming the drops.  These are an exquisite accessory and there are several styles that will be a great addition to the remaining bridal set.  The Bridal Jhumar is generally made with three or five longer pieces, and more intricate pieces that dangle from the main central piece.  They are completed with gold plated chains that attaché the stones and the center pieces, and you’ll have such fun looking at the different styles with your mom and determining which one will look the best with the earrings, the Bindis, and the other pieces of jewelry. Bombay Jewelry has a lovely assortment of the Bridal Jhumar pieces, and they are all reasonably priced.  The generally weigh around five ounces for the designs with the three drops coming from the central stone to the more elaborate designs weighing around eight ounces, making them lightweight as well as beautiful. Since shopping with Bombay Jewelry for your Bridal Jhumar is very easy from the web site, rest assured that it is very secure as well.  Also if you find a price that is cheaper elsewhere, we have a Price Match form that you can fill out and we will try to beat any of our competitor’s prices.  Your payment is secure and it is always correctly applied to your purchases and never lost or misapplied.
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