more vital than deciding the look of the bride. Lots of planning goes into finalizing the bride’s costume and jewelry. This is the age of designer wear and costume jewelry and the modern bride ensures that her jewelry must complement her outfit rather than just loading herself with heavy gold ornaments that often end up looking hideous when teamed with a designer bridal wear. To make your D-day special, Bombay Jewelry presents an exclusive range of Indian bridal wear collection. Our Indian bridal wear collection covers an entire range of exclusive jewelry – Indian bridal sets, gold plated bridal jewelry, necklace, earrings, bridal armlets, bangles, kalira, choora, nose pins, tikka, bindis, bridal jhumars – at an extremely reduced price. The materials chosen include high quality gold and silver plated metals, garnets, freshwater pearls, stones, American diamonds, and zircon.Changing trends have also cast an impact on wedding traditions. Women no longer want to deck up like brides of yesteryears. The traditional feel is of course present, but a lot of cross-culture fashion has seeped in. This is clearly evident from modern weddings where the bride can be seen sporting pastel shades unlike the typical red or maroon colors. The same trend can be observed in contemporary bridal jewelry fashion. For instance, a lot of Bengali brides now opt for designer jewelry or kundan jewelry instead of the traditional ‘all gold’ appearance. The best part of Bombay Jewelry Indian bridal wear collection is its comfort. Every jewelry piece has great finishing sans any rough edges.  At Bombay Jewelry, we understand your changing needs and create Indian bridal sets that are not only in sync with the latest trends but also inculcate the Indian spirit. When compared to the exorbitant prices of gold and diamond jewelry, our Indian bridal wear collection is available at a fairly decent price. The color scheme ranges from red, green, and white to pink and turquoise. So whatever is the color or design of your bridal outfit, our bridal collection will always have something great to offer.
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