Rani collection

When you really want to feel special and pretty, there’s little that’s better than putting on beautiful jewelry and going out for the evening.  One of the best collections of some of the loveliest jewelry is the Rani Collection that Bombay Jewelry features.  Regardless of whether you are looking for a necklace, earrings, bracelets, or the lovely bangles, you will find at least one that puts just that finishing touch look to the outfit you have selected to wear. The Rani Collection from Bombay Jewelry features the Rani Necklace that has many lovely designs that range from the simpler pendants on the gold chains that are elegant and charming, to the larger choker necklaces, and the much more elaborate designs that are larger and much more detailed.  Whether you are looking for a specific color, and you like the floral or geometric designs, there are certainly many styles that will be excellent for any occasion. The Rani Collection also features an assortment of earrings that are specifically designed to match the necklaces.  They are either gold or silver plated and some in so many exquisite styles that keep up with the modern trends of today.   Some of these have extremely intricate silver plated designs that beautifully highlight the lovely colored stone in the center.  Many of the designs are also accentuated with stunning pearls that work quite delightfully in with the design of the gold, silver, and other colored stones. Certainly the Rani Collection would not be complete without a beautiful bracelet to adorn the wrist, and the Bombay Jewelry web site displays a wonderful assortment of bracelets that are designed to complement the necklace and earrings.  In addition, there are several sets of gold plated bangles that are perfect for both traditional and contemporary fashion.  Both come in a variety of styles with multi-colored stones and pearls that are set in gold or silver plating. It’s always secure to purchase these items from Bombay Jewelry because they have taken all the precautions with their web site to ensure your payment is correctly applied and safe from loss or theft.
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